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Buy Sale Or Trade In Your TextBook

This is a free service that we hope students at Centralia College take advantage of and save $.  Through this site you can signup for a this “course” Buy And Trade Course Textbooks.  Once enrolled freely negotiate among each other what textbooks you have available and sale them among yourselves.

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This will save students money and provide students more buy back money afterwards.  Additionally since you’re buying the text directly from someone who has taken the course you might get a deal on their notes.

For this to work students have to participate and hold onto texts until the next semester’s course enrollment has started.  Buy And Trade Course Textbooks among each other significantly lowers expenses for students.  Basically think of eBay for textbooks.  Also note:

This site is not buying or selling textbooks but providing students an exchange among themselves

Centralia College is not affiliated with this site.

Centralia does not handle student monetary exchanges




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  • Price: $0
  • Type: Textbook Exchange
  • Students: 10000
  • Duration: 6 month
  • Skills: Beginner
  • Assessment: Self